April 25th, 2012

The value of a photo {Missouri Family Portrait Photographer}

I have been a stickler with my scheduling this year, trying not to spread myself too thin as I blinked one day and realized that time had passed and my children had grown a full year that I could not remember... and with an impending move, I just felt the need to give myself some time. So I was on the computer on Saturday morning when Becca messaged me, she told me that she knew it was last minute, but could I please snap a few family shots for her after church on the following day. Without going into too much detail, of course I had to do it. I felt compelled to do something, anything to help them. And because I can't do much, this was my gift to them... 

I can not stress to you how important it is to have a photograph of you and your kids with you. I know we all probably have photographs of our children at home, even if it's just a school photo, but those photos with mom and dad in them as well are the photos that your children will appreciate  one day. I know that I made a plea not long ago about being in photos more with my children, that I looked around one day to see that I was in maybe one photo here and there and I haven't done very well, I do better now with my phone, it's easier and it's still a photo that they can look back on and treasure. So please, sometime this year I urge you to have a family photo taken, it doesn't even have to be by a professional...just do it. I think you will thank yourself one day and so will your kids. 

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